Analog Space

Analog Space

Peter Spacey & Analog Front - Audio-Visual Dialogue:

A special collaboration between art forms -

live on stage - analog video synthesis, Sculpting sound frequencies that resonate into light and visual textures in time and space.

Immersive Analog & digital experience.

The collaboration aims to connect The old analog video techniques with futuristic digital beats.

eter Spacey (Moniker for Omer Luz) - Digital artist, Electronic Music Producer/Dj, and space Lover.

Best known for his Glitched Grooves and Spacey Beats, His works explore the relations between audio elements and visual aesthetics throughout technology.

Utilizing frequencies across the wide spectrum - audible, visible, or frequencies that vibrate in space and time.

Working in the melting points of different art forms in the spectrum of Audio-Visual throughout technology.

You can find Spacey on stages, clubs, and festivals - performing live or Djing, on TV screens and film industry as a soundtrack composer, and in galleries, making exhibitions and art installations.

Peter Spacey's Official Website

Analog Front - (Arik Futterman AKA VJ PlanktON) -

Jerusalem-based Analog video artist VJ and Projection mapper, Video Lecture at Musrara school of arts in Jerusalem. Part of the Organuz Collective crew And the Analog Front Team.

Artistic Visual Director of the Dissolving Localities project Presented in various Art Festivals around the world.

Made on mmm